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About our Chats

Chats is a microblog that promotes conversation within the Sole Architect community. The microblog starts with a post regarding a specific topic regarding Sole Architect Practice.

In response, Chats invites fellow Sole Practitioners to respond to the original post with an informal narrative response. Responses are typically based upon the commenter’s experience and unique approach or thoughts about the issue.

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About our Webinars

A Sole Architect Practice Store provides Webinar Services as an interactive tool to those architects who are thinking of, just starting out, or currently practicing as Sole Architect Practitioners.

The Webinar Services are presented as a process where a Leader can provide and share knowledge and experience with the Webinar attendee(s). The Webinars are provided through Zoom, a connection and collaborative platform. The Zoom platform allows individuals or groups to participate from remote areas.

The process for the Webinars is based upon a five (5) phase approach. The phases are as follows:

Phase 1: Building a rapport between the Leader and Learner.

Phase 2: Setting the direction, parameters, and agenda for the session.

Phase 3: Measuring the progress of the session.

Phase 4: Summarizing the results and progress of the session.

Phase 5: Determining the next step and whether a follow-up session will be utilized.

Webinars occur in one (1) hour sessions costing $150.00 per attendee per session.

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