What are the Mentoring Services?

Mentoring Services are based upon the long-term consulting of SAP with the Architect. Typically, mentoring services are provided with a fee structure.

Can you offer architectural services on the website?

SAP is not a marketing tool for Sole Architect Practices. Rather it is an informative tool for architects.

Can you return items?


Do you give referrals?


Are there Shipping Costs?

No. All Shipping is free unless international.

Do you provide Seminars for groups?

Yes, for groups up to 10 people.

What is the Shipping Time?

Usually less than 1 week or per Amazon.

Can you offer Content?

All are welcome to contribute to SAP Chats and are encouraged to do so.

What does Mentoring Services cost?

Mentoring services are based upon an hourly basis and invoiced monthly.

Are Chats contributors accessible by way of getting their email addresses?

This is up to the individual contributor. You may leave your email in or submit as a guest.

Are Coaching Services offered?


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