Special Advertising – The Pencil Giveaway

Gifts are a selective and distinct form of advertising.

Specialty Advertising is a distinct way to reward the Client, and project your practice publicly. Try to be creative in your selection. Consider an item that your client will associate your Practice with. Some gifts such as golf balls have very little or no use. Other Gifts can be reused many times over, thus strengthening the message.

The best gift I have used is the No: 2 pencil.

The white pencil was embossed with the name of the Practice. The pencil was a huge success! I take two or three pencils to every meeting, and always leave a couple behind. They are snatched up like candy. Now, clients visiting my office always request a pencil, if not for themselves, but also for their children. Think about an Architect giving a carpenter’s pencil versus a No. 2 pencil. The result is obvious of which one is more likely to be used versus the one that will end up in the drawer.

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